Procedures for

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Are you looking for a solution without surgery?

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Procedure for

Heavy Periods

Stop your heavy periods and restart your life with NovaSure®, a procedure for heavy periods.

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What's New

Frustrated by weight gain from Menopause or Pregnancy?

Tennessee Women's Care, PC announces the opening of the TWC INSTITUTE FOR WELLNESS, a multidisciplinary, medically supervised solution. A proud member of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF BARIATRIC PHYSICIANS, the Institute utilizes University Based protocols to safely support long term health with resulting weight loss. Please call our office @ 301-1000 ext. 3001 for more information

Do you suffer from Heavy Menstrual Periods?  Would you like to be part of a Clinical Trial?  

If so, give us call and one of our Clinical Research Nurses will be happy to explain an exciting new study we are participating in. Qualified participants will have the opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure to lessen the amount of their monthly menses. 

Please call our Office @ 615-301-1000 or call our Research Associates @ (615) 292-3012.

Considering Tubal Ligation?  Avoid the risks of General Anesthesia and Laparoscopy. We offer the ESSURE Hyteroscopic Tubal Occlusion procedure in our office, Call our office to schedule a consultation.